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Monday, November 8, 2010

Tyler's Journey: purposes of this blog

Our family's hope is that this site will help us all to create a lasting record of Tyler's journey to recovery, as well as a place for all who love him & who love us to stay informed & to add caring 'comments.'

This is being posted out of order. In other words, we hope to eventually go back, and add info. & more details about our whole family's experience during this time.

While we hope it will inform everyone who cares, it's not really a personal diary. You may see some ranting ... that's just my husband's way. You may think some emotion is lacking ... this just isn't my way of expressing all of the emotions we're each experiencing. We do encourage you to use it as your main forum for expressing ... whatever you'd like Hailey & Tyler to know you're thinking ... about them, about life, about this time. It will be a record of that, for them. So ...

Please feel free to add to this experience by including your own thoughts, notes, well-wishes, ideas, letters, etc., by using the 'comment' function. We sure appreciate your involvement!

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